Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Lazy

avoid laziness

We must avoid laziness. Why? Because God did not make us to be lazy people; people who celebrate idleness. 

Laziness is the chronic lethargy to engage in active duties. It may be physical, mental and yes, spiritual.

Instead of dwelling and enjoying HIS own inexplicable perfection, God himself got busy with creation. And when he was done, he took up another project with HIS hands, making man. HE did not rest when HE was tired but when all the work was done. Being made in God’s image and likeness implies that by default we are modelled to be co-creators and not wired to dread the expending of energy.   

There is no religion that upholds laziness. The Catholic faith identifies it as sloth and categorizes it as one of the capital sins. This is because of the chain of vices it can linger into if not addressed and rooted out of our lives. No one is born lazy. Rather this is a habit we imbibe given the reality of our immediate environment. In whatever form it comes, laziness must not have a foothold in our lives.

The following reasons will open your eyes to the negative outcomes of failing to avoid laziness:

1 . Idleness Breeds Evil

The Living Bible Translation says “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. This is an experience everyone must have had first-hand experience of. Idleness leaves your mind open for roaming useless thoughts. The Bible tells us that as a man thinks, so is he. But once you snap out of it and get busy, you resist evil as encouraged by the Bible. “Resist the devil and he will flee“. Nothing good ever comes out of impure intentions.

2. No Self-will

Self-will is powerful. Anticipating success in any area of your life without the will to make a practical step forward is as good as a daydream. The typical lazy person lacks self-will. As such, they are quick to abandon potential projects. In time they may pursue multiple fleeting goals but may sadly end up not finishing one.

Best be sure this is a debilitating and for sure, a miserable way to live the beautiful life God has blessed us with. Laziness murders the will to give a shot at the dreams God puts in our hearts.

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3. Destructive Passivity

God Despises Laziness because it’s self-destructive. Laziness makes its victims less bothered about self-development or being pro-active. Believe it or not, we all have been blessed with talents and skills. However, some God-given potentials remain latent until they are intentionally identified, used and developed.

“A lazy person is as bad as someone who is destructive” – Proverbs 18:9

Laziness stagnates your potentials. It is sad that many have lived the greater parts of their lives without truly exploring all that God has deposited inside them; all because they won’t get off the lazy couch, exert some energy and discover the treasures within.

4. No Self-Fulfilment

Laziness makes it somewhat okay and comfortable to be habitually surviving on the efforts of others. Fulfilment comes from the end product of efforts channeled in solving a problem (for yourself or others). How can you know this feeling when you are running away from being all that you can be even if it means sweating it out? The world is yet to record a successful man who didn’t go through hard work.

“Being lazy will make you poor, but hard work will make you rich” – Proverbs 10: 4

5. Pessimism

Motivational bankruptcy is an accompaniment to laziness. It is hard to be motivated by anything if you are not willing to live a productive life. If that is so, you can hardly influence people around you positively. While others seek solution to problems around them, they compound it with their pessimism.

By dreading the exertion of energy, the work load of others are increased. An example would be in our local churches where only a few committed members in a department give their all for the success of the group. They take up much more portions of work than expected because other members are unwilling to do their part. 

6. You Become Unreliable

You automatically become a liability when you cannot make a productive contribution in the space you are in. You must be willing (because you are able) to be part of a problem solving team. Depending on the input and result of others leaves you at their mercy. Imagine what your fate will be if there is no one left to depend on?

Laziness further makes you an awkward option to work with in the family, office, church and social groups.

7. Endangered Health

The Medical field has linked laziness to series of chronic health conditions such as heart diseases (sudden deaths), diabetes and depression. If this is the only reason you have to avoid laziness, it would be worth it. Inactivity kills. The Bible knew this long before now, hence, Proverbs 21:25 says, “Lazy people who refuse to work are only killing themselves”.

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