Top 5 Effective Ways To Study Your Bible

Efficient Bible Study Guide

Ignorance of the Word of God is Ignorance of  God – St Ambrose.

We cannot neglect the importance of a devoted bible study. It would mean an invitation for spiritual starvation and death. The Word of God is life. It is God’s will that we meditate on it day and night. The Bible says the Word of God is active and empowering.

As with the Creation Story, the entire universe was dark, void and formless until the WORD was spoken. The Word in which, through which and by which all things were made.

As a Christian you cannot go farther than average, if you have no reverence and knowledge of the Word of God. This is an opportunity God opens for us for spiritual nourishment, upliftment and growth. Wherever the Word is, there is power.

Starting out with your Bible Study is not always easy. It demands discipline and willingness on your part to keep up without distractions. With a prayerful invitation of the Holy Spirit for divine assistance, the rest is history.

There are 4 common yet effective ways that you can choose to study your Bible.

1. General Study

You must have heard someone at some point say he/she has read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This is exactly what a general study means. Let’s not however assume this would be like your everyday casual read. The word study says it all. You have a target to read in-between the lines and take notes. Do not be surprised if you need to take a quick glance at some New Testament texts to substantiate some facts from the Old Testament.

There are tons of General Bible study guides and plans to help you. YouVersion is one of the popular and beautiful ones you can try.

Signing up for plans like this is a good way to go the mile successfully without feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated to do the study on your own.

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2. Topical Study

As the name implies, this is when you study some parts of the Bible as it concerns a particular topic. Joyce Meyer says this is a type of study she also does. Say you feel it in your heart to study about faith, hope, love, prayer, a topical study will be perfect. Why? Because topical studies are usually triggered by life phases and realities. And there’s no better way to experience healing and a practical growth in these areas.

If you are short tempered, it would be good to read books and chapters of the Bible that address anger. Same for several emotions and circumstances we may be going through.

You must understand that there is nothing you suffer in reality that the antidote is not found in the Word of God.

3. Character Study

This is when you pick up a Bible character of your interest to study. It could be their personality traits, calls, missions and relevance in the Bible. Best be sure that every single person mentioned in the Bible had a unique purpose in union with the ultimate redemption plan of Jesus. There is no useless character in the Bible.

The Bible tells stories of people like you and I whom God used regardless of their imperfections to achieve HIS perfect will for humanity. It is not out of place to see how they lived out their purpose. You can learn tons of life lessons from them.

4. Sharing

This typically refers to any gathering or meeting where the Word of God is read, taught or discussed. It could be a church program, TV/radio program, scripture-based contents on social media (like we’re doing now) or a group of friends grooming themselves spiritually with the word of God.

My fondest memory of sharing the Word in my teenage years was during Moral Instruction classes in Secondary School. It was a class I looked forward to. A resource person always comes around to teach and share the word with us. This really did me a lot of good.

Families are encouraged to introduce this pattern to their daily devotions. A little shared goes a very long way.

It is worthy to mention that the atmosphere of any form of Bible Study carries the presence of God. A prior invitation of the Holy Spirit is superbly appropriate.

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