5 Practical Tips To Help You Overcome Bad Habits

Overcome Bad Habits

You may probably find yourself exhibiting some attitudes that are bad or maybe a friend or a member of your family is complaining about your habits. You may probably be seeking a solution or ways to overcome bad habits.

Well, if you take all of the information in this article, you’ll find yourself gradually making a head way.

Some bad habits, as insignificant as they may seem can become your self-prepared road block. They can become big distractions and interruptions in your life. Ever heard of people who lost out on lucrative job opportunities because they failed to curtail their lateness habit. If it gets to a point where your habits prevent you from accomplishing your goals in life, it needs to be addressed. 

Identifying your bad habits for what they are is one thing. Another is breaking free. It will be utterly deceptive to assume this is a walk in the park. Breaking free is serious business. It takes mindfulness and a conscious effort.

To break free from bad habits means being friends with mental and physical discipline. Likewise, it means being ready to replace them with good ones.

When we hear “bad habits” Common images such as biting of nails, overeating, cyber bullying, chronic lateness, laziness, procrastination, self-medication, slandering others, drug/substance abuse, inordinate sexual patterns like masturbation among others quickly come to mind.

But did  you know that bad habits has a mental dimension to it. The more you exhibit these habits, the more they occupy your mind to the point that you look forward to it. It forms a pattern in your mind. From there, it may become a full-blown addiction.

But before it gets to that horrifying stage, these five steps will teach you How to overcome bad habit:

1. Mindfulness

Self-awareness is everything. It pays to keenly study yourself as well as the trajectory of your life.

Sometimes bad habits are formed unconsciously. It is only in routine cognitive processes and introspection, that you discover the root of every bad habit. It could be stress and boredom, significant life experiences and conditions, trend, peer influence or plain ignorance.

This is why a meditative retreat is in order to clear the mental junk messing up our lives. Every bad habit gives you a bad health- physically, mentally or spiritually.

2. Commit It To God In Prayer

Another step is to prayerfully commit it to God. I believe in the assistance of the Holy Spirit, the advocate and comforter. We all must have experienced some moments of relapse in a journey that requires discipline and mental sternness.

It is not by might not power but by my spirit, says the Lord. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We need divine intervention in breaking deep bad habits especially those of sexual attributes.

Come to God as you are, pray ceaselessly till something happens and find the peaceful transformational power in the WORD of God. Prayerfully determine to take control of your life and self-will.

3. Take Pro-active Steps

Habits are regular behavioral patterns that rubs off on our character. It takes God’s grace, a lot of mental discipline and willingness to unlearn a bad habit.

Start with vocalizing Biblical affirmations that suits the habitual mountain you intend to overcome.

“I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Research into your battle. Study the stories of people who battled same and conquered. You could learn one or two tips to help you.

As there are bad habits, so also are there good habits. Replace the bad with the good; and do it on purpose. Be prepared to unpamper yourself and become a fan of delayed or no gratification at all.

The book of Romans says that even where evil is, there is much greater room for good to dominate. Light always conquers darkness if you believe and work for it.

4. Know And Avoid Your Triggers

Knowing the possible triggers of a bad habit can help you plan to avoid it. 

If hanging out with your friends at the pub will make you lose it on alcohol, perhaps it is safer to decline the invitation. At least at the initial stage when you’re still learning the ropes of discipline.

If the movie is X-rated and will trigger impure emotions and acts, why download it? Wasting time on Social media? How about you uninstall apps and go on a Social Media fast? It has worked for as many who dared it. Turning off your phone when not necessarily needed is not also a bad idea.

If your environment is functioning as an enabler, perhaps it’s time to make a conscious change for the better. 

5. You Need A Helping Hand

You cannot go the mile all alone. That’s why we need God who often works through the people around us.

For encouragement and sustainability in the journey, you can get a coach, an accountability partner, spiritual counsellor or identify with group counselling platforms. Together is better than fighting alone. The Bible says two shall make double exploits.

Knowing that someone else genuinely understands you and expects you to be better is a powerful motivator.

Another effective way to break free from bad habits is to be selective about who you spend time with and who speaks over your life. Not everybody will understand your goal. Not everyone is supposed to be part of this mission.  


To overcome bad habits, you need intentional efforts, perseverance and patience with yourself. Most people who end up breaking bad habits try and fail multiple times before they finally rise above it. 

Keep pushing and trust God for the change you seek. God blesses every little positive effort we put into improving our lives. 

If and when you fall short, never give up. Dust yourself and start again. Success is on its way. 

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