This Is Why We Should Pray Every Night

Should Pray Every Night

Why should we pray every night? Well, the world is a marketplace. As we live out each day, we are making transactions. We are trading our time and gifts for something we hope will be worth it in the end. It is only expected that we balance our accounts after the “sales” of each day.

Night times in the Bible alludes to an ending, rest or a moment of retreat. Ordinarily it connotes an unwinding. Different people unwind in different ways. How do you unwind? How do you end your day? How much peace do you have at the end of each day?

Regardless of how your day goes, this is why you should pray every night:

1. To Show Gratitude

This is one beautiful reason why we should pray every night. We must realize that each day is a gift from God. Everyday is a chance to keep up with our race; to make better memories; improve our lives, our works and our purpose. In our very much unpredictable world, lives have been lost in the most brutal and weird ways. However, God promises us HIS unfailing protection in Psalm 91.

So each day is a blessing we must be grateful to God for. Many begin the day and never see the end of it. That’s why we owe God all the thanks for experiencing each day. Moreover, it is a sign of gratitude to begin and end each day with thankfulness to God. 

2. You Get to Narrate Your Day to HIM

It’s always very beautiful to share your daily experiences with the special people in our lives. It is a strong mark of commitment to know there’s a listening ear that will not judge your misgivings for the day.

Jesus is that kind of friend who knows your heart and sees right through you. Omniscient HE is, but still awaits you in prayer to tell HIM how your day went. Talk to HIM about the high and low points of your day. HE is interested in your day to day well being.

Should Pray Every Night

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3. Examination of Conscience:

This should be the core of your night prayer routine. Examination of conscience is where we meditate and reflect on the events of the day, listening to our consciences as it points us to the right and wrongs of our day. This is the time to vulnerably relax and perceive what your spirit man is laying down in your heart. As you reflect, you simultaneously enjoy bliss for the good; and feel remorse for the wrong done in the day.

It’s okay to admit your failings and weaknesses and at the same time seek help to do better the next time. And right before you sleep, you may be led to make that call to apologize to a brother, friend or colleague at work. Doing this sets the tone for internal peace and an amazing good night sleep.

4. Protection Through The Night

It is the promise of God to keep HIS children safe from all harm. So this is a good time to seek God’s protection. He provides for his own even while they are sleep. A good night sleep is a gift from God. During your night prayer, ask God to honor his word by sending HIS angels to be with you and protect you as you retire to bed. There’s no better time to seek the assistance of your guardian angel.

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