The Amazing Wonders Of Your Personal Bible Study

Fascinating Bible Study Benefits

Fascinating Bible Study Benefits – Before I started making Bible Study an intentional and systematic habit. I was a champion at opening up random pages and believing whatever page I stumbled on was what God wanted me to know. This really worked fine for me then as there would be times I opened pages that honestly felt tailored for me at that moment in time. There were some “woe unto you!” moments as well and they sure were very scary.

The biggest problem in my system of going through the WORD back then, was that it was not intentional. In other words, I clearly did not take it seriously. It was as though the bits I got from time to time was just about all I wanted. Actually, it didn’t feel to me like my life depended on it.

Fast forward to the current stage of my life, this would be the opposite. Now I can boldly say that I am framed by the Word of God. My life and its outcome is dependent on my knowledge of the Word of God.

St Ambrose says ignorance of the Word of God is ignorant of God Himself. It is ignorance of Jesus, the Word incarnate. Holding the Bible began to feel like holding Jesus right in my hand. Why? I had started studying the Word on purpose. I discovered it was a one on one meeting/relationship with the maker of the universe. It was a very potent prayer even when it didn’t seem like it.

I was finally figuring out for myself, what the maker’s manual says about me – the life I live, my mind set, my relationships, visions, purpose and the ultimate essence of my existence. My true nature and identity was not only becoming clearer to me but it effortlessly showed on the outside.

These are top 5 fascinating Bible study benefits I discovered for myself:

1. Discernment

What is the life of the Christian without discernment? David enjoyed the favor of God. He knew it but did not take it for granted. He put his knowledge and experience aside and still enquired of the Lord before embarking on the battle against the Philistines.

Discernment is knowing the will of God. HIS will is never far from HIS WORD.

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2. Direction

A committed habit of studying the Bible will always re-direct your path. “Your word is a light for my path and a lamp for my feet”. God’s word shows you where you should go. It gives you a brand new blueprint that takes you off worldly desires and perspectives.

Knowing the Word for yourself is indeed a transformational tool. It begins to guide your words, thought patterns and actions. Things that used to matter would no longer matter.

3. Peace

God is peace. He alone gives the peace that surpasses all understanding. Going through a rough phase of my life, I remember always finding peace in the words of the Psalmist. I had seen my mum and sister do it and I’m glad I took that up.

I would religiously set a reminder for Daystar’s Reflection. It is an inspirational program where God’s word is displayed with amazingly beautiful sites and a soul-lifting undertone to go with it. There were times I would peacefully sleep off and forget all of my worries. At other times I would note the scriptures and re-visit them later.

God’s word is always reassuring and bankable. Your Bible study is an in-depth form of prayer. Why in the world will you lack peace of mind spending time in HIS presence? It’s fascinating how at the other side of that peace is strength and courage.

4. Enlightenment

“For my people suffer for lack of ignorance”. God has made Himself accessible to us in HIS word. Through your Bible study, you get to understand how God works. Most notable is HIS unequalled love for HIS children.

From Genesis to Revelation is an incredible love story of a God who never gives up on HIS people. It is an eye opener of the many miles God goes for those HE calls His friends.

5. Spiritual Intelligence

It is worthy of note that our Bible Study is incomplete without the help of the Holy Spirit. As Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit begins to interpret the Word for us. HE reveals truths about God that we never knew.

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