Easter Sunday: Interesting Facts And Lessons For Millennials

Millennial Easter Facts

Millennial Easter Facts – It’s the Easter Season and I bet you’re making plans like everybody else. I mean it’s a holiday, you get to take a break from work; meet up with friends; an opportunity for a family get together perhaps.

I know you must have also come across myths and fairy tales about the Easter Bunny and eggs. But really, do you think that explains the meaning of what we celebrate at Easter?

It’s not shocking that many of us do not understand the core and essence of the season. What is more disappointing is that even Christians especially of the millennial age group do not get it. Such ignorance waters down the faith and poses a danger for the future of Christianity.

The Easter Season is the bedrock of what we believe as Christians. Without Easter, we would probably not have the confidence to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the highest Christian celebration and recognized by mostly all denominations.

Easter is a permanent mark of an everlasting triumph of good over evil.

While we share in the joy and happiness that the season brings, it will be worth it to understand Easter more fully and note certain significances in the historic event.

Let’s go through these eye opening millennial Easter facts:

1. Season Of Relief

As mentioned above, working class adults look forward to the Easter Break. The physical and mental pressure on young professionals at this point is undeniable. The break is honestly well deserving. However, what will make it count the most is a spiritual appreciation of the season.

Easter literally refers to the day Jesus conquered darkness, demonic captivity, shame, defeat, addictions, tormenting fears, depression… anything that threatens your peace. Easter is a golden opportunity to identify with this divine goodness and enjoy the beautiful life that God has given you at no cost.

2. Newness

It will be difficult to explain Easter without delving into the spiritual connotations. Easter is a period of spiritual renewal. By the way, did you know humans are more spiritual than they are physical beings? Not even the jet age mentality can nullify this fact.

Easter is a beautiful privilege God gives us to embrace our true nature. HE calls us to renew our minds and lifestyles. I know we mostly have fun plans for Easter. Whatever be that plan, prioritize your relationship with God. The trajectory of your life from this season onwards matters more that your hang out and entertainment plans.

Easter is not the birth of a religion but a re-birth of a relationship with a God who loves us more than we know.

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3. Jesus Is Not Old School

Most millennials see Jesus as a popular character in some ancient Christian literature. Some others believe that times have evolved and clearly has no room for Jesus at this point.

Well, these are erroneous. Jesus remains the same for all ages. And no matter how digital the world gets, HE remains the all-knowing and all-powerful God. Never assume HE doesn’t understand how messed up the real world is right now. HIS death 2000 years also serves for such a time as now. The resurrection power and impact of Jesus stands valid for all eternity.

4. You Are The Real Church

Millennials believe there’s a problem with church and the people in it.

Before HIS death, Jesus promised to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple which took over 4 decades to construct, in three (3) days.

This promise was fulfilled on Easter Sunday. By HIS resurrection and the tearing down of the veils of the physical structure, Jesus gave a spiritual facelift to HIS church. He took away the old legalistic perspective. HE internalized church. Every Christian is a member of the body of Christ and as such has an identity to respect and a responsibility to carry out.

Did the Bible not tell us that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit? You are a church in yourself. Church is not the building, it is each one of us living a life worthy of the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. You and I have been called to be the real church the world needs right now.

5. Women Are Special To Jesus

On a couple of occasions Jesus got into bad publicity for HIS association with women. The Bible even has a chapter dedicated to the “women friend of Jesus”.

I guess there is a reason why there were more faithful women in all HIS disciples as seen in both the crucifixion and resurrection story of Jesus.

You may not have noticed but there is a rise in the number of women who are currently in one evangelical ministry or the other. There is a global upsurge of women who are making impacts in and out of the body of Christ.

Juxtaposing this with the several extreme facets of the feminist movement in the world today, female millennials must understand that God loves them as much as HE loves the opposite gender. I believe that only with God will we find our rightful place and fully operate in a way that glorifies his name.

Cling to the resurrected Jesus and find a more worthy identity and purpose.

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