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Core Christianity

Core Christianity– At some point we get it all wrong. We get stuck and confused. Perhaps at this moment you yearn for a better and more understandable pattern of life. This article is dedicated to you and everyone who wants a manual or blueprint on how the Christian life really works.

Life is a mystery. Sometimes you’re up and some other times everything is falling apart. Understanding the principle of faith, hope and charity makes it a whole lot easier to live out the Christian life without unnecessary stress.

Walking with God demands a sincere, excellent, reliable and transparent lifestyle. Likewise, faith, perseverance, excellence and tenacity are expected in all we do. The Christianity “tag” alone is totally useless if we do not simultaneously talk the talk and walk the walk. There are things we really need to understand about life. These are wisdom nuggets we can learn from the Bible and of course from our daily experiences.

Here are core Christianity truths that God wants us to never forget:

1. Charity Is Your Creed

The badge of every Christian is charity. The entire message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is summed up in love. That is all we live for- the love of God and the love of neighbor.

How accommodating are we of our fellow Christians in the body of Christ? Do we respect each other’s rights regardless of gender, politics, religion, social class, race, country and tribe/ethnicity?

Charity covers a multitude of sins. That’s how highly rated love is in the eyes of God. GOD IS LOVE, typified. If we say we love God and hate our neighbor, we have no truth in us.

2. We Must Pray As Well As Work

No food for the lazy man. No matter how many prophetic declarations you key into, if you do not work to activate it, it’s as good as useless. Jesus was a hard-worker, a carpenter. His disciples as Paul writes worked to earn a living. God frowns at laziness. We are the work of HIS hands. And HE has called us to be co-creators with him. St Paul says, he who does not work should not eat.

God has not created anyone to be a liability to another. These days we’ve seen lots of people living with disabilities daring to make a mark for themselves. In doing so, they encourage others to put their God-given talents and abilities to work. That is the kind of good news that pleases God. HE has promised to bless the works of our hands. What is there to bless if we are not making fruitful efforts.

You must not literally move into the church to practice holiness. A holy and prayerful life is no excuse for laziness.

3. Mediocrity Is Not Of God

Christianity is no excuse to live a petty, abject sorrowful and mediocre life. It is no reason to walk through life with a sad and distorted mind-set. In ignorance we tend to forget that God himself has given us a spirit of love, boldness, power and sound mind. These are requisites if we hope not to jeopardize our walk of faith.

By their fruits you shall know them. Daniel was singled out because of his excellence in discharging his duties. To him and his friends God gave the spirit of excellence. Likewise God is calling us to display excellence in all that HE has called us to do.

Core Christianity
“Anyone who denies his cross is not worthy of me.”

4. Cross-less Christianity Is Fake

“Anyone who wants to be my disciple should take up his cross daily and follow me.” This is just the simple and short description of the Christian life. We must bear our crosses. There’s a cross for everyone. It can either be short term or long term.

However what makes it fruitful is to bear it in union with Christ. “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” God will always give you the grace to subdue any cross HE permits to come your way.

5. You Cannot Always Have The Answers

Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things to good people? Why did God let that good man suffer and die? Why the wars, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes? Where was God when those women and children were molested? Why were you the only one saved in that accident? Why is God merciful to that renowned criminal who inflicted pain on you?

We can’t stress it enough that life is a mystery. Hence, expected to live by faith and not by sight. We can only trust that God always knows what HE is doing and HE has an undying love for all HIS children. Only God has all the answers.

“To him who believes, no explanation is needed but to him who does not believe, no explanation is sufficient”St Thomas Aquinas.

6. Your Life Is Not Yours

You did not give yourself the life you have. Your life is in the palm of God’s hands, the giver of all lives. If we understand this, then we must invariably accept that we live not just for ourselves but for others too. However you choose to live, good or bad; it rubs off on the people around you. Your life as popularly said may be the only Bible a bystander gets to read in his lifetime.

God put us first when HE offered HIS life for our deliverance. We must also learn to put into consideration the well-being of the people around us. By so doing we partake in an adventure, a destiny way bigger than ourselves. 

“Your life is too small to be the purpose of your life.”- Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

7. Nobody Owes You Anything

Isn’t it weird that we are expected to live for others, yet expect nothing from anybody? Your trust and expectation must be fixed on your maker, the God of providence.

It is a frustrating ride to go through life feeling entitled and acting like the world owes you. We are here to give more than we receive. It is more blessed to give than to receive. It is left to God to put you in the heart of your helpers.

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8. None Is Holy

Holiness is daily struggle. Sometimes we get it right, other times we don’t. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” No saint made it that far void of sin and character defects. In our weaknesses, we fall but the virtue lies in the regular attempt to discipline our souls and bodies.

Self-righteousness will not lead us anywhere. Jesus condemned the sin not the sinner. This is the example we must emulate in our daily dealings with people.

9. We’ve All Been Called

Are you ashamed of the gospel? IS it uncool to hold your Bible in public? What does your social media accounts say about you?

The charge to preach the gospel is not restricted to the pastoral group. We are all invited and obliged to let others know about the love of God. While we may not all be on the pulpit proclaiming the word, there are many ways to impact the lives of people around us. St Augustine says, “Preach the gospel and when necessary, use words”.

At the end of our lives, we are expected to have sown the seed o conversion in others. Heaven is not for selfish people but people who want and crave for others to share in the eternal bliss they have found.

“Whoever denies me in the world, I will deny in the presence of my father. Whoever proclaims me, I will proclaim in the presence of my father.”

10. Death Is Inevitable

Jesus tasted death. Who are we not to? The only thing we pray for is to be in a state of grace when HE calls us home; to have the confidence to stand before him knowing you did the very best.

Death in the Christian faith is a transitioning event necessary to take us to our final destination. It has no substitute. There’s no way to guard against it when the appointed time comes. When and how, we do not know.

We are only promised today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed except the grace of HE who holds the future. If we know that our days are numbered we would make every second count, living it for the glory of God.

As much as God wants us to know that with the gift of each passing day, our lives are counting down; HE also wants us not to fear death. Jesus conquered death. So if we stick with God, we too will conquer death.

11. There Is Life After Death

As a matter of fact we will spend even more time in eternity than we do her on earth. However we want to spend it lies in our hands. We get to choose where we want to go- Heaven or Hell.

Christianity has a concept of reaping what you sow. It is wisdom to begin now to work for a life of eternal bliss with God while we still can.

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