5 Common Shades Of Laziness To Be Mindful Of

5 shades of Laziness

In previous posts we shared quotes and reasons why laziness is an expensive bad habit. This post is dedicated to all of us who make excuses for ourselves when we function below our capacities.

Anytime you give yourself a reason to underperform or not perform at all, there’s an air laziness lingering there. It’s weird  how fitness experts advise exercises as an antidote for chronic tiredness. The best way to battle laziness and chronic tiredness is through increased physical activities. The more active you are the lesser the chances of being habitually tired.

This is not to say that there are not good reasons why we decide to move at an unusual slower pace. Such times can be moments of ill health, grieving moments and other contexts where we are going through a ton of awkward phases in our lives. Hey! We are only human. We need a break from all the hurdle and hustle from time to time.

However, all things being equal, there are times when we indulge in laziness without knowing it. Without much ado, let’s get into what I consider the top 5 shades of laziness we may or may not have thought about.

1. Procrastination

This is the most common and popular shade of laziness. Many of us like putting things off without thoroughly exploring the option of stretching ourselves, going an extra mile to get tasks done.

More often than not, we can very well get our tasks over and done with. The amount of time you schedule for a work, is exactly what it will be. If you give it 3 months or a year, you’re right. The sooner we get it done the better. Planning and time scheduling will be super helpful here but not as much as mental discipline will be.

In our minds we assume it would take a longer time to accomplish. But experience has proven that the sooner we start out with our tasks the better for your mental balance and your productivity curve. Putting off a task for so long is like postponing a debt you owe. The farther we shift it, the longer the mental torment.

2. Perfectionism

“Waiting for the perfect time”, “Waiting for the perfect cash flow”, “Waiting till it’s convenient”… I bet these expressions are familiar. Well, the truth remains that as far as life goes, perfection is an ideal that nobody but God guarantees. There’s no perfect time to get your work done than the minute you get your hands on it.

In my personal growth I’ve learnt that a head on execution is a favor you do yourself that rewards all the time. It’s not a crime for the job to be done earlier than expected.

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3. Pessimism

This is a very dangerous shade of laziness and fear as well. This is where we are tempted to see more road blocks than opportunities in a task that lies ahead of us. Negativity drains energy. The minute you begin to entertain these pessimistic reasons why a potential achievement is not doable, you begin to lose the drive to make a move.

Productive people are optimistic. They know better than dismiss a task from afar.

4. Excuses

We can only give so much excuses why we should delay taking up that course, join the choir, start your business, and reach out to the poor. The problem here is misplacement of priorities. This is more like the reason behind our lazy attitudes.

If we deem it important, no excuse will keep us from attending to it.

5. Inconsistency

Inconsistency simply means one step forward, two steps backward. Sometimes we lack the intentionality to pay adequate attention to things that should matter to us. The idea is that we must keep showing up for our lives regardless of perceived setbacks.

With consistency, we grow and perfect in whatever we goal we set out to achieve.

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