4 Realistic Options When You Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes life can treat us so badly that we just feel like giving up. There are times when we feel we don’t deserve the bad things that happen to us.

You may feel like you didn’t get to choose where your current situation is or may have worked so hard only for things to still turn out bad.

But, the fact that things may be so rough right now doesn’t mean life can’t be better. It can and I believe that deep down in your heart, you know that life can and will be better. Perhaps this is the reason why you are seeking to know what to do whenever you feel like giving up.

Other People Have Gone Through The Path You Are Currently Going through

When you feel like giving up on your dream and life as a whole, one thing that can help you to keep pushing is understanding that so many great men today went through the same thing.

Life may not have been as fair to them as it looks like now. And maybe if they had allowed that feeling of giving up to get the best of them, the world wouldn’t be celebrating them today.

The famous world billionaire Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba once told a story of himself in a job interview with over twenty four other people. To cut the long story short, according to him, after the Job interview every other person who attended the interview was taken and he was the only one turned down.

So, if he had a logical chance and reason to give up, this would be it. The reason he’s where he is today is because he never considered giving up. Whenever you give up on life you shut the door of opportunities on yourself.

Yes! Things may look so vague, but the choice to give up or not remains yours. What about replacing giving up with trying to change your current state.

Yes, that can be a Better alternative meaning instead of trying to give up you try to change the state you find yourself in.

Identifying The Reason Why You Feel Like Giving Up Is An Important Step

When we visit the hospital and complain about our symptoms, the doctor doesn’t just treat the symptoms alone, rather he or she tries to identify the root cause. And after tackling the cause, the symptoms will have no option than to stop.

This principle works for practically every problem in life. A good way to help yourself eliminate the feeling of giving up is by identifying the source of this feeling. You need to take a break from everything to take time to analyse and identify what the problem is.

Do you feel like giving up because you are comparing your life to others and you don’t seem to be meeting up? Or is this feeling as a result of how hard you have worked and the little results you are seeing? Even losing your job or having a bad grade at school can be a reason.

Whatever your peculiar reason is, identify it, and write it down. After identifying the root cause, the next step will be to identify what you can do to tackle this feeling from the root.

So What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Here are some tips that can help you get back on your feet when you feel like giving up:

1. Keep In Mind That God Loves You!

You may probably be wondering what does recognizing your position in Christ have to do with this? It is because when you understand how much God truly loves and values you, your perspective towards life changes for good.

Understanding that whatever be the situation making you feel like giving up. Whether it is a failed marriage or relationship, whatsoever your case may be, God has not left you a handicap.

When you recognize your place in God’s kingdom and seek to know what God says about your current situation through his word, you will be amazed with the kind of peace you will feel.

Also, the believer’s weapon is prayer and the word of God, if you feel depressed pray to God he’ll see you through, draw strength from the word of God and you will be empowered.

2. See Things From A Positive Perspective

The perspective from which you see the events that happen around you will determine how they make you feel.

No doubt bad things happen and feeling bad is our brain’s natural way of responding to negativity.

In as much as we cannot always determine what happens around us, we can reduce the impact of negative situations when we see them through a positive point of view.

It’s OK to feel hurt, but rather than sliding into depression or giving up, it is a better practice to try to learn lessons from our sad experience and then make efforts to apply them in other circumstances we may face.

When you focus on the positive side of any situation, you would barely have time to think about the negative, this way before you know it, that feeling of giving up will be gone.

3. Feed Your Mind With Helpful Information

Just like you feed your body with good food to help it stay healthy, you also have to feed your mind with the right information.

The word of God will be a good place to start from. There are also good motivational books from good authors that you can read to help yourself. It is not enough to read good books, try to practice what you learn from them.

4. Reach Out To People Who May Be Of Help

Having people around you who can stand by you when you are feeling down is a blessing you should take advantage of. Whenever you feel like giving up, call a friend, a mentor, a brother or a sister who can be of help to you.

No matter how dark your story is, open up to someone who you can trust. Sometimes just telling someone about your problem can be the start of the healing you need.

Fuel your existing relationship and at the same time give room to make more friends as connecting with good people can also help you stay positive.


Taking away the negative feeling of giving up can just be the key you need to live a happier and successful life. When you feel like giving up, remember that people have gone through your situation and came out victorious so you too can.

After practicing what you just read, the change may not be so drastic at first, but don’t stop. Over time you will be surprised at how well things have turned out.

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